The Brief

Industry: Food Supplements

First words:  Now, I’ve been told you’re very patient & you can explain things really simply..

Yes, I do have lots of patience.  In a former life I taught and I’m used to breaking things down into bite sized chunks rather than just giving you the manual and expecting you to get on with it.  My “sharing”style is to identify how you prefer to learn then deliver the info you need to know in that style rather than expecting you to adapt to mine.  I’ve discovered we make much more progress that way and actually it’s quite fun.

My client’s aim was to build an online presence to engage more prospective customers with her fledgling brand, to share her own story and to build social media into her day to day life rather than building a channel that would feel like a chore.

Client Journey: ” I went from “I hate instagram to I love the Insta!”