The Brief

Industry: Fitness & Well Being

First words… I think I might need you?  Hmmm… why’s that then.
Well, I know I’m supposed to “do” social media for my business but to be honest I don’t really know where start and I really, really don’t what to become a social media t***er who everyone scrolls past because they think you’re such a t**t!

After a quick conversation, I soon discovered that this women had a real business fire in her belly and was desperate to share her passion with others who, she knew, could feel the joy that she had uncovered by creating a fitness business that she loved.  My job was to listen to what she was passionate about, enable her to see which social media channels were a good fit for her, show her how to use those channels in practical terms to create posts that drive engagement with the right audience and  help her build the confidence & skills to build an online presence that reflects who she is.

Client Journey: ” I went from “This social media’s stuff is not for me to bring on the news feeds”